About  The Hats & The Brand


Now as a hardworking milliner, I am still humbled to hear these hats described as works of art, for me it is simple I adore creating them.


I feel each individual hat should be able to complement any outfit be it casual or smart and deliver a bit of attitude to the wearer.


Dare to release that inner hero or diva!


Karen x


...designed and created by me, Karen Christie at my studio in the lovely rolling countryside of County Down, Northern Ireland.

The Hats - each one is unique and handcrafted with all fabrics and embellishments hand sewn into position ensuring an heirloom quality finish. The hats are lined with pale gold satin and Ratty Tat Hat's crown branding and presented in our own quirky hatboxes.


The Brand - my qualifications in design have in this instance been steered by another passion in my life, Carriage Driving. As a successful show and competition driver I have long history of enhancing hats for these equestrian pursuits. Wanting to design and produce out of the ordinary, one of a kind hats, I recognise vintage millinery and fashion styles provide huge inspiration for me. Add to that my love of Steampunk design, admiration of Tim Burton’s filmography and I arrived at Ratty Tat Hats.



Ratty Tat Hats are unique, handmade Steampunk & Vintage Style hats...

 Ratty Tat Hats

 by Karen Christie Design

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Steampunk Creations


Steampunk is a Neo-Victorian style which includes science fiction and fantasy references. It conjures up thoughts of steampowered machinery, airships, pioneers and swashbuckling adventures whilst often embracing the romance of Victorian glamour.


There are many examples of Steampunk influences within films such as Alice in Wonderland, Around the World in 80 Days, Sherlock Holmes and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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