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Spring / Summer 2023


are a very popular aspect of my work so I have put together these galleries, a small selection of my previously crafted hats to help inspire your choices. I have produced hats for special occasions, for brides, grooms and their entourage, filmwork, photoshoots and hats used as business props but I delight in seeing my designs worn on a regular "can't be without it" basis. I agree wholeheartedly with my customers' comment that these hats just get better with age.

Tailor Made Ratty Tat Hats



When designing a bespoke hat I like to capture a little essence of the wearer in the creation, so give me some insight and let my imagination take flight and craft a Ratty Tat Hat especially for you. You are welcome to contact me to initiate your order for a Tailor Made hat and the bespoke order process is very straightforward.

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