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Contact Ratty Tat Hats

Don’t be shy, after all there is no such thing as a silly question. Feel free to contact me via the form below or at the studio email, regarding any aspect of Ratty Tat Hats that requires further explanation.

FAQ - How much does a custom or bespoke Ratty Tat Hat cost and how do I order?

Tailor Made Ratty Tat Hats start from £95 for a cloche, £110 for a bowler and £115 for a top hat. The order process is really very simple. 

I will need:

  1. A measurement of the wearer’s head taken with a dressmaker's tape around the head just above eyebrows and tops of ears

  2. The choice of hat style…top hat, Deadman (low crown) top hat, bowler or Cloche

  3. Colour preferences

  4. Remember that with a Tailor Made hat I like to capture a little essence of the wearer so whether it is to be a hat for yourself or a gift, tell me a few things that define the wearer and their style. Include potential wish list items, for example goggles, leather or copper work, tall feathers. A look at the Gallery pages may suggest features you wish to have incorporated in the design.

Taking into account the information you provide, I will come back to you with an outline of the proposed design, a cost for the hat and a completion date. Now didn’t I say it was easy?

Bespoke Tailor Made order process
Handmade Vintage Hat for Ladies Day

Thank you for your message. I will respond as soon as I am back in my studio. Kind regards, Karen.

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