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Ratty Tat Hats go to the Movies

It's a little exciting for any artist/designer to be found by a film director who is scouting for "dramatic and attention grabbing additions to wardrobe for upcoming filming". The movie in question is called The Leprechauns and comes under the banner of Irish Gothic, a series of films which "aim to energise and enrich the horror landscape by re-imagining the folk tales and legends of Ireland for a contemporary horror audience". This story written by Spencer Wright, revolves around three irreverent, roguish and fearless Leprechauns going toe to toe against a feral Vampire horde and is a truly high octane, somewhat good versus evil tale.

I engaged with an interesting brief which required top and bowler or derby hats that would bear suggestions of the film Gangs of New York and the popular TV series Ripper Street. I couldn't help but be drawn in by the characters of Leader and Pyro Leprechauns, misfits existing "topside" with hats that bear their favoured and essential kit. It was important to the film production crew that I keep my usual Steampunk elements in the designs; antique pocket watches and gathered curios, the use of leather, glass vials and in this case, include tobacco pipes, old brass lighters and various paraphernalia that would be appropriate to each character.

These Ratty Tat hats are currently featured in a trailer for the movie which is to be produced later this year by Causeway Pictures. Needless to say, I am looking forward to viewing the full length version.

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